सी सी ई


atoms and molecules
C.C.E activity -
1.Writing chemical formula of compound .
2.Finding out no of moles and no of molecules of the given particles.
3.Proving law of conservation of mass in a chemical reaction
is mass of reactant = mass of product
Lesson taught- carbon and its compound
C.C.E activity -
1.Writing IUPAC names of diffirent hydrocarbons.
2.Drawing election dot stracture of different molecules.
3.Formation of leather in soft water and hard water by soaps and detergents
1.    Election process in the class with establishment of an election commission amongst the students, delegation task of preparing voting list , framing of constituency in the class and then voting through ballot box.
2.    Preparation of time line from the chapter “Nationalism in India”.
3.    Collect information about and pressure group movement that might have aroused recent political activity.